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With a breathtaking location, gourmet dining, and five-star service, we strive to make each guests’ stay at Crystal Springs nothing less than exceptional. We’re proud of the many positive reviews that we’ve received and look forward to adding your review.

Our week in Barbados was truly wonderful and it was such a great way for us all to reunite. The food was incredible (maybe the best ever!). We enjoyed every bite, espeially the delicious fish. We had really fun boat rides with Trevor! Marlon, Keith and Ian made each day special with little treats by the pool, our beach picnic, and lots of rum punch to go around. Many thanks and best wishes to all of the staff, who make the experience so magical.

United Kingdom, March 2018

Crystal Springs, Barbados - An enchanted place where every one of us was happy, extremely happy! We enjoyed the quiet places as much as the tropical garden, the various communication places and the gorgeous food. Every one of the staff was brilliant, thank you so much! Hopefully we'll be back!

Germany, March 2018

I remembered our visit here last year as the best, most wonderful, impossible to repeat holiday - never imagining that we'd make our way back. And here we are - a week in the Tea House with our friends and family. The property is more beautiful than I'd remembered - one of those moments when reality outstrips all expectation. However, what really makes the magic here are all the people who work to create it. Amanda, Marlon, Keith, Ian, Chef and so many others - Thank you, we are in awe of you!

Canada, March 2018

Dearest Crystal Springs Team,

Thank you!! You are incredible hosts. Your constant unwavering smiles, your 'yes' to any request big or small, your stories and your constant kindness were what we missed after our trip here last year and what we found with you again, from the minute we arrived to our last minutes here. You are gifted in your craft. Thank you for an amazing week here in paradise!

Canada, March 2018

Our sincere thanks to all the Crystal Springs staff for such a delightful visit. Our time here could not have been more perfect. We deeply appreciate all the effort and kindness shown to us by everyone. What a special place you have created.

United States of America, February 2018

To all the wonderful staff of Crystal Springs,

You always make our stay so comfortable and we love and appreciate all the little (and big) touches! You are amazing and we thank you!

Canada, February 2018

Dear Wonderful Staff of Crystal Springs,

You have made our stay so delightful. Nothing was overlooked to ensure our comfort. This is really a paradise both in natural beauty and superb hospitality. Many thanks!

United States of America, February 2018

Crystal Springs is the most beautiful and perfect place to celebrate a special birthday. We cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed our holiday with our friends. We have laughed, and had so much fun, and really don't want to leave. Thank you to all the staff who have made our time here so relaxing. We have been totally spolit.

Channel Islands, February 2018

Thank you for a wonderful week we will never forget! The staff, the food, The Mews!! Thank you for going above and beyond to make our stay so memorable. All my best!

United States of America, December 2017

Dear Crystal Springs Staff,

Thank you for all your assistance during our stay here. All of you are amazing and super friendly, kind and always smiling. We wish you the best wishes for the future. Barbados is an unforgettable place!

United States of America, December 2017

Dear Owners of Crystal Springs,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to stay at the beautiful Crystal Springs. I am so grateful for the past few days and the chance to enjoy the beautiful, fun, kind, laid back island of Barbados. The staff, property and food were all unforgettably wonderful. Thank you again & looking forward to many travels for your family in the future.

United States of America, November 2017

To the Crytsal Spring Staff, thank you so much! I do not know how to say thank you more! See you all in the future!

United States of America, November 2017

A truly magical experience. We felt warmly invited and shamefully spoiled by the wonderful staff. The loving touch and fine features of the property speaks of a dearly loved and carefully tended home. Thank you for sharing!

United States of America, November 2017

An incredible week at an incredible place, with a truly wonderful and fun staff of new friends. Our dream vacation could not have gone better or been a more memorable experience.

United States of America, November 2017

Words cannot express how truly spectacular our stay has been at Crystal Springs! The staff are all exceptional - caring, attentive and so friendly. We felt welcomed from the moment we arrived right down to our final hours on the property. Our memories of Crystal Springs and the lovely people of Barbados will be forever be in our hearts. Thank you for everything!

United States of America, November 2017

We have really enjoyed our stay here at Crystal Springs - It was amazing! Thank you to all the staff; you could not have made our stay any better!

United Kingdom, August 2017

Thanks for the memories! We've had a fantastic time here and can't wait to return.  Thanks to Marlon & Keith for keeping the rum flowing and Trevor for cooling us down on the boat & rings.  What an amazing place!

New York, United States of America, July 2017

We have had the most fantastic holiday for this special 60th birthday. Thank you so much for the memories!

United Kingdom, July 2017

Dear Crystal Springs Team, What a lovely villa and surroundings.  We had a week of fun and great times with you here.  Thank you for your attention to details and helping us celebrate John's birthday.  It was a dream holiday in your dream villa.

United Kingdom, July 2017

It's TOT Time!!!

Beautiful house, beautiful grounds and friendly staff.  We have loved every minute.  Thank you to you all for making our holiday memorable.  Stock up on the Aperol, rum punch and hot sauce - see you very soon!!

United Kingdom, July 2017

Crystal Springs - Heaven!

All of your staff have been excellent! Friendly, helpful and smiling faces all around.  We will be back - no messing - we are coming!

So TOT, Marlon and Keith - be ready for the second coming - it's happening.  We have loved celebrating John's Big Birthday in Barbs with our family and friends - so beware - and be ready the siren is coming back.

United Kingdom, July 2017


“A fabulous Villa with
great character with probably the best location on the island.”

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